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Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Work Experience - July 2024

Work Experience - 1st to 5th July 2024

Rationale for work experience

We believe that all students should experience a workplace during their time at Woodbrook Vale School. To do this, all students complete a one week work experience placement at the end of Year 10.

This allows students to learn more about the world of work, develop their employability skills and try out a possible career.

From a previous survey of students that completed their work experience

  • 84% of students said they gained confidence
  • 82% improved their communication skills
  • 82% stated that their team working skills were stronger after work experience
  • 92% felt more positive about the world of work
  • 86% said that they were motivated to work harder in school
  • 85% felt they had developed new skills
  • 75% were clearer about what they wanted to do in their future education / career.

Arranging the placement - 


(ideal for students that know want type of business they want to work with)
The student knows what sector they want to work in and then approaches a business to arrange the placement. They mostly organise this themselves (with their parents) using the online assistance on Unifrog. The employer completes the details of the placement on Unifrog, for example, what duties the student will be doing, the hours, dress code.  Employers will also upload documents such as Employer Liability, risk assessments and safeguarding policies.   These will be checked by school and parents/guardians before the placement can go ahead.

The student’s work placement will be with a parent, guardian or close relative.

The student's work placement will be with a parent, guardian or close relative.  The school only does a check for appropriateness.  Details of the placement will need to be added to Unifrog as above to enable the school to track the process of the placement for each student.

To ensure that all students have suitable placement, Mrs Mcswiney and the Year 10 form tutors will offer support to anyone who is unable to find their own placement.

For more information please get in touch with Mrs Mcswiney (

Useful links

Unifrog link -

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