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Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to Woodbrook Vale School!

Students at Woodbrook Vale are already well known for their hard work, enthusiasm and excellent progress in a wide range of subjects including English and maths. Indeed this has been recognised by OFSTED, by visitors to the school and by our enthusiastic parents. Some students are also starting to make their mark in the wider community and as Headteacher. I seek to promote this sense of social responsibility so that students feel that they can make a difference in the world.

Student leadership is a great area of strength at Woodbrook Vale and I would encourage you to view our Student Leaders’ page and our Futures Award pages to see how the development of leadership skills are embedded in the character curriculum we are developing.

Here at Woodbrook Vale we work tirelessly to embed the school ethos, ‘Aspire, Enjoy, Succeed’ into everything we do and to preserve the uniqueness of the school. We will enable the students to have memorable and life changing experiences that they will look back upon with great fondness and happiness as they grow into adulthood.

I am not alone in believing and expecting that future Prime Ministers and Nobel Prize winners might one day come from Woodbrook Vale School.

We will always have high expectations of our students with respect to work ethic, behaviour and uniform. I trust that I will have your full support on the rare occasions where we might need to challenge.

I look forward to working with future students and parents in the coming years and thank those existing students, parents and carers who together, make my job such a joy!

Rachael Fraser