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Physical Education


The Woodbrook Vale PE curriculum aims to teach life skills through physical education. It aims to develop movement, knowledge, motivation, confidence and character. Students will use sport and physical activity in the lessons to constantly develop on their personal journey through the school.

We want our students to be inspired by physical education and sport. Developing their knowledge of sport and physical activity, arriving with the right mind set to overcome challenges they may face. We want them to become leaders and make smart choices. They can become coaches and help others to improve, they will also get the chance to improve their own performance and set new personal bests throughout their learning journey. We hope they gain understanding of the impact sport and physical activity has across all aspects of society and the importance of life long physical activity.

The PE curriculum model allows for students to develop the key themes required to succeed, it allows flexibility and creativity and promotes the holistic approach to physical activity and school sport.

Through assessing the 4 key themes of knowledge, movement, confidence and character we believe we are encouraging all our students to realise the benefits of engaging in sport and physical activity and the choices made now will shape their future in Physical activity and sport, Sport can give students the opportunity to be successful in life and make positive contributions to the wider community.

We trust that our ambitious approach to Physical Education will empower our students; by preparing them for examination PE and giving them the confidence to continue with some form of physical activity and sport in their life after Woodbrook Vale.

In KS4 core PE we want students to be inspired to think about lifelong physical activity, whilst maintaining their health and wellbeing. We want all students to take part, promoting positive wellbeing, having fun and enjoyment and to help relieve exam stress.

For those who select examination PE as an option the journey continues. Working in conjunction with core PE our examination PE offer gives students a pathway that will promote success and inspire them to study in the field of sport. Sports studies and GCSE PE allow us to cater for the needs of all students and have many cross curricular links to aid building knowledge.

The theoretical element alongside a more focussed and personalised practical content, allows our students to thrive and make the most of every opportunity. As with core PE We trust that our ambitious approach to Physical Education will empower our students; leading to the majority of our examination PE students continuing with a more focussed form of physical activity and sport in their life after Woodbrook Vale and potentially a career in this subject area.


GCSE PE is the ideal course for students who have a passion for sport and want to build on the enjoyment they get from participating in physical activity. The course requires students to have a wide range of practical skills and a strong understanding of the theoretical side of sport.

The topics you will study in your theory lessons cover the scientific, health and social aspects of sport. They include:

  • Applied anatomy and physiology
  • Movement analysis
  • Physical training and the use of data
  • Health, fitness and well being
  • Sport psychology
  • Socio-cultural influences

Should I take PE at GCSE?

This course will be best for students who enjoy both practical and technical aspects of sport and have an interest in Biology, Physiology and Sports Coaching.

Teaching strategies

The course has a large theoretical element, putting into use the theory which is studied in the classroom. Students will analyse their own and others’ performance in order to understand and improve their own outcomes.


Marks for the final examination are awarded for practical performance in three different activities, these must be from a specified list including an individual event, a team event and a third activity that can be either individual or team.

  • Practical performance: 40%
  • Written examination: 60%

Beyond GCSE?

There is a very wide choice of courses suitable for progression from GCSE PE, including various vocational Sports courses and A-level PE.

PE staff will be available to discuss the course and any further information you require.

OCR Sports Studies

Our Cambridge National in Sport Studies enables students to develop and apply knowledge of sports-related activities, with a particular focus on officiating. They explore contemporary issues in sport, different ways of being involved in the sports industry, and the impact of sport on wider society.

There are 3 Units covered in this course:

  • R184 Contemporary issues in sport
  • R185 Performance and leadership in sports activities 
  • R186 Sport and the media

R184 is the examination unit. This exam is held in May of year 11. R185 is coursework and is submitted in December of year 11. R186 is also coursework and is submitted in December of year 10. The course work can be resubmitted if required.