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Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School


At Woodbrook Vale we teach our students to engage with the world around them using the tools of mathematics. Our aim is to encourage and develop independent thinking and logical problem solving skills, equipping all students with the mathematical skills essential for everyday life.

For year 7 and 8,  we have recently reviewed and rewritten our course, enabling every pupil to reason mathematically and become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics. Students encounter topics from the core areas of Geometry, Data Handling, Number, Proportion and Algebra, and there is also a focus on applying their knowledge to practical situations.

GCSE Mathematics now begins in year 9, where students learn how to use and apply mathematics for GCSE and beyond. Throughout the three year period students will have the opportunity to study both GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Statistics, and there is an opportunity for the most gifted mathematicians to also achieve the Free-Standing Mathematics Qualification (FSMQ) - this is an excellent boost for those students who will choose to go on to study A-level mathematics.

We are currently following the EdExcel GCSE Mathematics specification, which is assessed in the May/June examination period each year. There are three assessments; one non calculator paper, and two calculator papers - each lasting one hour and 30 minutes. Higher tier awards grades from 3-9, and the foundation tier grades 1-5.

All students will have access to online textbooks and our faculty produces extensive revision resources to help both at home and school. Students will be set according to their ability to help ensure the correct support and challenge is given to all.

As a Maths faculty our aim is to help every student to enjoy our wonderful subject.  We endeavour to build the confidence of each student, allowing them to improve their Mathematical skills and apply the knowledge they have attained.