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Remote Learning

How will Remote Learning work for students? 

During full lockdown, all remote learning will be on Google Classroom. This platform is at its best when students are turning in work and getting feedback from their teachers and interacting. We will be offering live lessons through Google Meet and would expect students to become familiar with the Acceptable Use Agreement which has been sent to parents. Our staff are fairly new to the Google Meet facility but are keen to learn and develop its use alongside our students.

During full school opening, if a student is in isolation, remote learning will be put in place in Google Classroom. Students can also visit KS3 or KS4 BBC bitesize or for lessons in their subjects.

All work for each day of lessons will be in the online classrooms at the latest by the end of the day. This will mean students will often be working on the lessons from the previous day, but it also means that when a teacher has been able to video part of the lesson, they will have access to it. (see video technology below)

Mr Hayes will support with any remote learning issues:


Parents and carers should be aware that live lessons will be made available on Google Classroom and students will receive invites. Wherever possible they should log on at the correct time. All students who plan to log in should read the Acceptable Use Document here.

Google Meet Protocol

Students and parents should be aware a recording will be made during a live lesson and made available later that day. Sometimes another video will be made available such as a link to another teachers’ video on the topic being taught or a link to the  Oak Academy video content which the government has endorsed.

Are The Live Lessons On The Timetable The Only Ones On Offer? 

No, Student should check Google Classroom at the time of a lesson.  Links are often posted 5 mins prior to the start.

Is Homework Still Being Set?

You will be expected to do homework.  Homework is a valuable part of secondary education.  It allows you to practise skills learned in the classroom, to develop your ability to research, and helps you to form the habits of individual study necessary to achieve success in the later stages of your education – indeed in the rest of your life.

You will be given a homework timetable as a guide and a Student Planner.  This will enable you to plan your time in order to hand your homework in on time. The amount of homework varies according to your age and ability.  In Year 7 you will receive up to an hour a night.  This will increase each year through to Year 11.

Homework is supported by Go4Schools.  This gives you details you need to complete the work on a computer at home.

Remote Learning Timetables

Please use the links below for the live input timetables.

Work is also now being completed using Google Classroom.  

The video below will help students to log in to their classrooms and complete their work.

When you are logged into your classrooms and need more support with turning in your work or editing your work please watch this video.

Student Questions

We have had some questions recently about some of the features of Google Classroom so I have produced you a short video to explain:

  • What is the difference between ‘material’ and ‘assignments’?
  • How can I see what work is set for me and any deadlines?
  • How do I ‘turn in’ work once I have finished it so my teacher knows it is done?
  • How do I find out about when there is live input to my lessons so I can be online at the right time?

The link to the video is at…

Your family can help you by providing a peaceful place for you to do your homework, by encouraging you and valuing what you learn at home

If you have any issues accessing or logging on to any systems remotely, please email ICT Services at


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