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Woodbrook Vale School


Information Communication Technology is at the centre of learning in the 21st Century.  You will find computers linked to scanners and laser printers as well as digital cameras and interactive whiteboards.  

The school has modern software, which will allow you to become skilled in planning, developing and evaluating your own projects. These projects may include handling data, sequencing instructions and modelling.  


During Key Stage 4 you will have the option to take the OCR GCSE ICT qualification which gives students a real, in-depth understanding of how computer technology works.  Students will no doubt be familiar with the use of computers and other related technology from ICT/Computing at Key Stage 3 and also thier other subjects.

However, this course will give them an insight into what goes on 'behind the scenes', including computer programming, which many students find absorbing.

Summary of the topics students will cover:

  • A451 - Computer Systems and Programming (writtain Exam):  This unit covers the body of knowledge about computer systems on which the examination will be based.

  • A452 - Practical Investiagtion (Controlled Assesement): An investigative computing task, chosen from a list provided by OCR, which assesses the following: research, technical understanding, analysis of problem, histroical perspective, use of technical writing skills, recommendations / evaluation.

  • A453 - Programming Project (Controlled Assessment): This involves a programming task; students will need to design, develop and test solution to a problem within the OCR set scenario.

What will students learn?

Students will be expected to be able to:

  • Recall, select and communicate their knowledge and understanding of computer technology.

  • Apply knowledge, understanding and skills to solve problems by using computer programs.

  • Analyse and evaluate, make reasoned judgments and present conclusions.

‚ÄčTeaching Strategies

Computing is an academic qualification.  The lessons will have a strong focus on problem solving and logical thinking, with students expected to display thier learning using a variety of methods. Students will be able to use computers to aid thier studies, but time spent working in groups will prove to be just as valuable.


The first unit is assessed through a written exam.  The other two units require students to complete an assessed task under timed conditions in school.

Beyond GCSE

If you choose to study Computing a GCSE level, then it can lead to studying Computing at A-Level and then at Universtity if you desire.  A computing qualification is a good basis for work as an IT technician, IT consultant, computer engineer, web designer, software engineer, analyst, network administrator, software applications developer, programmer and development.

Find out More

Further information about the Computing course is available from Mr Danby or by visiting the OCR website

Online Safety 

The school is fully connected to the internet allowing you to search and retrieve relevant and up to date material to support your learning.  This system is fully monitored allowing safe and controlled access. Everyone will be shown how to access the internet and required to sign and keep to the school’s ICT acceptable use agreement.  In addition you will take part in internet safety workshops prepared by CEOP.  Anti bullying work focuses on Internet safety and you will be given access to websites including “Think you know”, which will help you stay safe online.

Further information on Online Safety can be found on our dedicated page here.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are not permitted to be in view during the school day or be switched on in lessons unless explicit permision is given by the classroom teacher. Phones will be confiscated if this school rule is not adhered to and kept in the student office. The school will take extremely seriously any incident where filming has taken place on a mobile phone. If a student needs to contact home they will be allowed to use the telephone in the student office if it is felt necessary for them to do so.