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Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale

Attitude to learning

At the end of each term Woodbrook Vale students will receive a report which will inform you of your child’s Attitude to Learning (ATL).  This will be used in all lessons and across the school.  The purpose of the ATL criteria is to promote a ‘Growth Mindset’ in our students.

The grid (which you can download below) will enable students to continually reassess how they can improve their ATL across a range of subjects. In order to achieve this students will have access to the criteria in lessons and tutor times. Your child will also have the opportunity to discuss their ATL with classroom teachers and tutors prior to creating strategies and targets for improvement.

All students will receive a grade for each attribute from every teacher on half termly basis ranging from A-D.

To download a copy of this table click here.