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Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Home Heroes

Let us know of the positive stories happening in your homes. We are sure our wonderful students are helping in amazing ways at home and in the community. We are also sure that they are completing independent work that has surpassed your expectations.

Your child may have 

  • Created a study timetable and stuck to it
  • Produced an outstanding piece of school work
  • Learnt a new skill
  • Developed an exercise routine
  • Regularly checked up on friends and family
  • Helped out in their local community
  • Taken on extra responsibilities at home

Parents and carers can nominate their child by emailing 
Send in a photo, a piece of amazing work or simply type a few words explaining why you think your child deserves a ‘Home Heroes’ award. We will then send something suitable as a reward.