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Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale

COVID-19 Arrangements

The Covid 19 arrangements at Woodbrook Vale School have always erred on the side of caution. The same is true for our return on August 25 2021.

Our risk assessment covers the activities still deemed by the school and trustees to present a risk in the matter of infection control with respect to Covid -19. It takes into account government guidance updated August 2021 and allows for the contingency of ‘stepping up’ and ‘stepping down’ the controls in response to local infection rates and government requirements. Our risk assessment also supplements the government guidance measures as we need some measures relevant to our own context, EG. the challenges the physical building presents with narrow corridors, the school being at maximum capacity and the presence of highly vulnerable staff and students on site.

The following 'protective measures' are stipulated in our new risk assessment: 

  • People with Covid -19 symptoms do not enter the building. They should take a PCR test (one that is sent to a lab.)
  • Hand and respiratory hygiene procedures are in place (students sanitize on entry and wear face coverings in corridors and crowded spaces)
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures are in place
  • Occupied spaces are kept well ventilated
  • Public Health guidance on testing, self-isolation and managing confirmed cases is followed (Except that a person awaiting the outcome of a PCR test must wait for a negative test before their return for the added safety of vulnerable staff, students and those unvaccinated.)


Do I need to let school know if my child tests positive? 

If your child has received a positive test result, school does need to know but please can you report it on the office email, not the absence line as more staff are on hand to monitor it. If it is a Lateral Flow test (the one you do at home) you must keep your child home and book a PCR test. It is really helpful if you can then send us the outcome of the PCR test also by email to the address above or by phone to the main office: 01509 557560

Do I need to let school know if a family member or a close contact tests positive? 

Yes. Test and Trace and the school will ask you to get a PCR test (sent to lab) for your child and keep them at home until the outcome. An LFD test will not be sufficient.

What if a member of my family is awaiting the outcome of a Covid-19 test? 

It is important to distinguish between the Lateral Flow Test (LFD) (result within half an hour) and the polymerase chain reaction test (PCR) (sent back to lab, result within 24-48 hrs)

If the lateral flow test of the family member is positive, book a PCR test for the family member as quickly as you can. At this stage no one needs to isolate. A student can come to school. If the PCR test of the family member comes back positive, the student should have a PCR test quickly. Phone 119 and you can book. It is acceptable to collect your child from school for this purpose.

We are asking any student who is awaiting the outcome of a PCR test to remain at home as an extra layer of safety. You will be told by health professionals that people who are double vaccinated and children under 18 can carry on as normal until the test comes back. This is NOT the case for our school because we have vulnerable students and adults in the building.

What if my child is awaiting the outcome of a PCR test? 

We are asking any student who is awaiting the outcome of a PCR test to remain at home as an extra layer of safety. This is because we have vulnerable students and staff in our building.

Will I be told if my child has been in contact with a positive case? 

The government guidance tells schools that the Test and Trace team at the NHS will do the contact tracing. Tracing will go back 48 hours either from the onset of symptoms or the date the PCR test was taken if asymptomatic. If the contact was outside of school, we will expect the NHS to do the tracing. If the contact was in-school we will, as a courtesy to our families, check the contacts and phone home to recommend a PCR test and alert you to the fact that you might hear from NHS Test and Trace. We will not send students home mid-way through a day, but instead ask them to use mitigation just in case EG. Face-coverings distancing etc. Once the PCR has been booked/taken, they should await the outcome of the test before returning to school.

What if my child has symptoms? 

Any child who has symptoms that are Covid-19 related should stay at home and book a PCR test. Anyone who is a confirmed case of Covid-19 should self -isolate for a minimum of 10 days from the first onset of symptoms.

What if my child is isolating? How will they get school work? 

Under the new regulations, it is likely most students who are at home will be ill and we would not expect them to work if that is the case. However, if your child has tested positive but has no symptoms, or they are awaiting the outcome of a PCR test, work will be placed on Google Classroom. Please note the ‘students self-isolating list’ goes out mid-morning every day. Some staff might be teaching and may not be able to get work up for the named students immediately but some staff will open up a live lesson and the student will be able to join the class from home.

Students can always do something productive however, because BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy both have a huge range of online learning facilities. They can take the topic of their lessons and learn around it.

What if I am not sure what to do?  

Email or phone the office: 01509557560 Someone will listen to your situation and help.

February 2021 - COVID-19 Testing