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Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale

Gifted and Talented

Our top 10% of students are identified as Gifted and Talented at WBV to ensure that the special needs of more able students are met as an entitlement. We aim to ensure that students of all abilities are able to meet or exceed their potential. This links with our normal process of differentiation as teachers whilst recognising G&T as a special need. We aim to prevent underachievement and ensure that all students have access to activities and teaching that appropriately challenge them.

All a gifted and talented students will be able to access a number of opportunities in each subject throughout the year, detailed below.


  • Junior Mathematics Challenge for Yr 7/8 on Thursday 27/04/17
  • Intermediate Mathematics Challenge for Yr 9/10/11 on Thursday 02/02/17
  • Further Mathematics for Yr 11


  • Stretch and Challenge boards in all lessons to extend the learning of G&T pupils.
  • SOW change for top sets so that they are taught GCSE material from Yr 8.
  • Writing and Poetry competitions
  • Writing workshops (Mrs Hetzel)
  • Visiting authors (Bali Rai)
  • Drama club
  • Theatre trips
  • Film club


  • University PHD student going to deliver a session post-Christmas in January for year 10 students
  • Top of the bench Chemistry competition Yr 9/10/11
  • STEM challenges


  • GCSE PE Gifted and Talented theory booklet
  • Sports Leaders for Yr 9
  • Extra-Curricular Clubs
  • Loughborough University workshop


  • Linked to historic dates, for example, this year - visits to battlefields in France and Belgium; met member of parliament on whole school event.
  • KS4 students to help to lead on primary liaison visits


  • Mandarin Lessons Thursday after school
  • French Culture Club Friday lunch time


  • Bronze Arts award for both top sets. Silver Arts award for Year 9 and Year 10 G&T students.
  • Year 8 – Andy Goldsworthy photography project about transient art – top sets.
  • Year 8: 3M Young Innovators Challenge
  • Year 9: Design and Make challenge
  • Year 10 Future Chef award
  • Competitions as they are advertised


  • Production
  • Christmas carols at the Carillion Shopping Centre
  • Rock club
  • Spring and Summer Concerts


  • ECDL
  • Coding competition

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

  • Year 11 university visit to Oxford