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Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale School

Woodbrook Vale

Headteacher’s School Closure Update

Week 7: Headteacher’s School Closure Update. 

Dear Parents & Carers,

This week has been mental health awareness week on the theme of kindness. It is more important than ever right now and never too late to read up on the ideas for improving our health and wellbeing. These sites provide useful information and links.

I hope the students who were able to view the video of the staff, published on Monday, enjoyed our ‘gift’ to cheer everyone along. If you did not see it, I do recommend a look. It is on ‘youtube’ just type in ‘Woodbrook Vale’.

We would like to thank those children and students who sent a message on ‘thank a teacher day’. How very kind of you!

I have a few important pieces of information to share this week regarding timetables, Year 10 schooling, keeping in touch and uniform, so apologies for the long letter.

Timetable from 1 June 2020

As normal, our students will move up to the next year group on Monday 1 June. Their new timetable will be viewable on Go 4 Schools from this time. There have been some set changes for Year 8 moving up to Year 9. These are based on assessments completed BEFORE the lock down.

There are only a few changes from previous years:

New Year 9 languages - we have tried to accommodate student choices for languages on the timetable and therefore, students who put a language down as a definite first choice (either Spanish or French) on the survey have been timetabled for that language. We have tried to ensure most other students were placed in their preferred language. Please note any student can pick any the language not studied this year at GCSE level in Year 10.

Class codes do not always indicate that a subject has sets based on ability, so please do not worry about class codes on the new timetable. For example, Year 8 science will be taught in tutor groups.

Rooming on the timetable is provisional and may change before the whole school is back together again.

Year 10 ‘Face to Face’

The following information is subject to change in line with any government announcements:

We will NOT be bringing Year 10 into school on 1 June.

We DO have a plan to open the school for Year 10 sometime after 1 June. The exact date is to be confirmed.

The plan is as follows:

Every Year 10 student will get at least one full day per week followed up with 4 days of remote learning using Google Classroom. The focus will be on English, maths and science teaching, with a small amount of option subject teaching where possible.

By taking up to 32 students per day, we feel we can make use of what is a small building, with narrow corridors and a limited number of large spaces and washing facilities. Every school is so different in terms of size, staffing and facilities, so we cannot compare ourselves to others. We must do what we can for our community within the bounds of safety and the resources we have.

Students can be assured that we will be starting different work throughout, so it will be a chance to make a fresh start no matter where you got to with the work set so far. The same will be the case for those working at home.

A full document with every possible detail will be released by email to parents of Year 10 students at least one full week before reopening. We will be including a ‘response’ survey with the document where you can indicate ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Maybe’ to help us finalise the plan. We will also include details of which day students have been allocated. The decision on days will be driven by options and will include a mix of ability.

Schooling for Children of Essential Workers

Schooling for children of essential workers will continue as before but will be completely separated off from the Year 10, if they come back. There will be NO crossover of staffing, students or section of the school between the Year 10 and the essential worker schooling. The school will be ‘zoned’ to ensure this. The school will be open during half term on Tuesday and Wednesday for these children as agreed with our families.

Staff Training

The week beginning 1 June will be dedicated to staff training for Google Classroom so no ‘hand ins’ this week. Some staff have already started this so students should check their school email for an invite. All year 10 students will be directed to this platform from 8 June.

Contact with Home

After half term, we will begin to contact families in Year 7 to 9. This will be to check how you are all doing and offer support. Please note, at times that will mean a call from a withheld number. Please do not feel pressured if we call you. It really is just to catch up.

We will also trial some recorded assemblies for students to watch in each of the year groups.

Year 11

The week beginning 1 June marks the beginning of the submission process for Year 11 grades.

We are also hoping to receive the leavers’ hoodies very soon and willing teams of staff including some of the Year 11 tutors are waiting in the wings to hand deliver them and say ‘Hello!’ I know that the yearbook is now complete has gone to the printing company.

Students in Year 11 should be finalising where they are going for their next stage of study. Sixth form providers and colleges should have made contact with you by now. If any of our Year 11 students would like a call from their Head of Year or an SLT member, to talk it through, we would be delighted to do so. Please just pop us an email.

School Uniform.

The school uniform shop is now open online. The new, checkered skirt is available to buy in an array of sizes. Please note this is the ONLY skirt from August 24 2020. (Assuming we are back then.) Black trousers are still an acceptable option for those who prefer.

Families who are used to having support with the purchase of uniform should be aware that we will have to work in a different way this year. Uniform will be ‘mail order’, rather than delivered to the school. If you are in the FSM category or experiencing financial difficulty, we should be able to provide financial support, but this will not happen automatically. Please contact or phone in.

Advice from Government

You may find the following document useful:

I want to wish everyone good luck, as the country gradually comes out of lockdown. Remember we are here to help.

Enjoy the half term if you can, and to the families for whom it is relevant: Eid Mubarak!


Kind regards,

Rachael Fraser